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My First Map

By: Sandcrawler
Unreal Editor Basics
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Expanding My First Map
Alright, so now that you know how to run and navigate the editor lets start by making your first map. We are going to:
1. Make a small map
2. Configure the map
3. Add a player Start
4. Adding Pickups
5. Play the map

1. Building a simple map in Unreal Editor couldn't be easier. On the left toolbar you will see a section that has different shaped objects.

We will be using the (Cube Tool) for this tutorial. Start by right clicking it, a box should come up:

You can go ahead and leave it at those settings, or you can make it bigger. I'm going to make mine bigger:

Now that you have your box you can see a red block, click on it to select it and it should become brighter. All that is left is to subtract it from the map, , go ahead and do that now.

Thats all there is to building a simple map using Unreal Editor. Lets more on and configure the map, and give it some lighting.
2. Lets configure the map, this is also very easy to do. Go to View > Level Properties (F6) You'll see a window similar to the following come up:

The blue outline means I changed it, from top to bottom I changed the following. DefaultGameType, this should always be set to KFmod.KFGameType, unless its a custom gametype. Author should be set to your name, or a studio name. Title is the Name of the map, that get displayed. AmbientBrightness set the lighting to be bright, we will be covering lighting later. There are several other settings that you should set, Description, Screenshot, and DecoTextName.
3. Now lets add a player start. This is really simple, navigate to the location you want to have the player start in the 3D viewport. Right click and push Add Player Start Here.

In Killing Floor you should always have six Player Starts by each other. Once this is done we are almost ready to play the map.

4. Now lets look at how to place a pickup, and why you should put at least one in. That being if you launch the map without an KFAmmoPickup in the map it will give you errors, and possibly cause your map to not work. Lets start by opening the Actor Browser and navigating to the Pickup Section.

Now with the KFAmmoPickup selected right click in the 3D view and push Add KFAmmoPickup here. You should now have an Ammo box.

Now lets look at what you can adjust. Right click and go into the Properties menu. Now open the Pickup section and lets adjust the RespawnTime, I want a faster respawn time in this map, I'm going to reduce it to a 5 second respawn. By default it is set to 30 seconds, and this is what they use in the stock maps.

There are a lot of pickups that you can place in Killing Floor, if desired you could place a single weapons ammo instead of the generic ammo that we placed. The same goes for weapons, except they use the KFRandomItemSpawn Actor.

5. Before you play the map you should always go into Build and push Build All. A progress bar will be displayed and then you will see an error window. Our just so happens to have one:

If we had had more than one you could double click on the error to go to it, but our error is the default texture not having a material. So we are going to change that out real quick. Open the Texture Browser by clicking on it (top bar).

I choose that texture, but your welcome to browse for one that you like. To apply it you click on the wall you want to apply it to and click on the texture. (Or select the texture and hold Alt and click on the surface) Now lets Build All once more and see if we have anymore errors. Nope. Now to play your map you go into Build and click Play Level (Ctrl+P).

Unreal Editor Basics
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Expanding My First Map
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