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Unreal Editor Basics

By: Sandcrawler
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My First Map
1. If you haven't already installed the Killing Floor SDK, then do so now. From the Tools tab in Steam, go ahead and click Launch.

2. You should get a loading menu like this:

After you are loaded the editor will look like this:

You can go ahead and close the Texture Browser, we will cover more on that later.

3. Unreal Editor has four viewports set up by default, Top, Front, Side, and 3D. To navigate in all of the viewport you click and drag. You can zoom by clicking both left and right mouse buttons, in the 3D viewport this functions as a pan (up/down, left/right). In the 3D viewport you can right click to rotate your view. You can hover your mouse over any of the buttons to see their purpose.

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My First Map
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