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Fleet Battle
Author: Dark Lord
Status: Complete
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as has been requested of me several times over the years, i finally decided to do a fleet battle map.
there are 6 ships (3 for each side), with teleporters to move you in between each of them

video of the map here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk4kpbqcskE
however, due to limitations with the RC engine, i was unable to put this map out as desired - the massive amount of movers creates network lag, therefore i had to create two versions of the map:

RP - the fully decorated version with movers and all, for the full role-playing experience (yet not good for combat - NOTE: there is a delay when joining a server before you can start chatting or see the scoreboard)

normal - minimal movers in the map for a smooth combat experience
Screen Shots:

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