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Adding Pick-ups (Weapons, Health, etc)

By: arramus
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We need a little space for this tutorial so let's open up our Adding Stairs and Platform map. We shall now:
1. Add individual weapons
2. Add health

3. Play the map
1. Open your Adding Stairs and Platform map. This one was mine. If you want to start a new map then go ahead. Remember to subtract, add your textures, align, add lighting and a player start point.

Before adding any pick-ups, I'll change the ambient lighting so you can see the shadows on the stairs and platform.

Let's add some pick-ups now. Select the Actor Class Browser located at the top of Unreal editor. It's the icon on the far left.

Once the Actor Class Browser appears, maximize the main Actor list.

Move down to Pickup and maximize the list. First we'll add a shotgun. Go to CTPickup > *ShotgunPickup and click on it to highlight.

Now go to the 3D window and choose a place where you want the Shotgun to be located. Right click on the area and select Add ShotgunPickup Here.

I tucked this weapon in the coer under a light.

Build All, test your new map and pick up your first weapon.

I wanted the weapon to respawn so this time I selected a Wookie Bowcaster and clicked the + sign to expand the list. I selected the Wookie Bowcaster with MP at the end of the name. This must be the Multiplayer weapon(??). Once you add the weapon to the map you need to right click on it and go to Actor Properties. Then go down the list to Pickup and expand it. At the bottom you'll see a RespawnTime. I set mine to 30. The picture below shows the Wookiee Bowcaster respawning. Remember to Build All and Save. :)

2. Now we go back to Unreal editor and select the Actor Class Browser again. Go to CTPickup > *PickupHealth and place it in another area on the map. I placed mine on the platform.

Experiment. There are plenty of objects to choose from. See what works and what doesn't. Remember to Build All and Save.

3. Play the map
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