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By: arramus
Adding Stairs and Platform
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Adding Pick-ups (Weapons, Health, etc)
Let's go back to the first map we made with the 3 rooms and a ramp. We are now going to add some new and exciting lighting effects. We shall now:
1. Compare Ambient Lighting levels.
2. Add lights and change the saturation.

3. Play the map
1. In the first map we selected an all over ambient lighting. There is nothing wrong with this but it doesn't really set much of an atmosphere with shadows. As we can see this room isn't very bright.

The last tutorial on stairs, now that was bright.

2. We will now install our own light bulbs :) and for this tutorial will reset AmbientBrightness to 0.

Now go to Build > Rebuild Lighting Only. Your 3D image should now be in pitch blackness. To see the map again go to the Textured button. You can see the green highlighted button at the top of the picture below. That's the Textured button.

Right click in the middle of the ceiling in one of the rooms and select Add Light Here. A light bulb icon will appear.

Now right click on the light bulb and go to Actor Properties > Lighting > and set LightRadius to a number you find gives suitable lighting. Do the same for all rooms and the ramp area too.
Do a Build > Rebuild Lighting Only.

Once you are happy with the effect Build All and save the map. Test the lighting in game to see if it suits you. Come back to the editor once you've tried the map.

Now let's change the colour in some of the rooms. Right click on a light bulb and select Light Properties > Light Color and set saturation to 111.

Oooo. Spooky.

Color theory

Think of Hue as WHICH color of the rainbow you are defining.

Think of Saturation as HOW MUCH color, or the 'purity' of the color.

Think of Luminance as HOW BRIGHT the color is. We can think of our Ambient Lighting in this way.

3. Play the map

Adding Stairs and Platform
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Adding Pick-ups (Weapons, Health, etc)
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