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Adding Stairs and Platform

By: arramus
Adding Ramp to Upper Level
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Let's make a new map now and add 2 sets of stairs with a platform between. We shall now:
1. Make a new box room for our playing area
2. Add stairs and a platform but apply texture using the 'add' and not 'subtract' tool


3. Play the map
1. Make a cube.

I'm going for a larger playing area for this map.

Subtract, apply textures, align, and make any other adjustments you see fit. I've opted for the Arena_Textures > Bump > Texture ArenaBackgroundBump.

2. Now left click on Linear Staircase.

We need to apply a texture to the staircase but instead of clicking Subtract and applying a texture to each separate surface we click on Add.

The texture of the surface now blends in and resembles the surrounding area.

Right click on a line on the stairs and look at the properties. You can see its specifications in more detail.

It's really difficult to see the stairs using the Arena_Texture for everything. What is the logic in this?
Well, we mustn't become dependent on the 3D window. I'd like you to explore using the Side, Top, and Front windows on the Unreal editor and also introduce the Perspective view that gives a wire frame image of the map.

Add two Linear Staircases and right click on one of them. We can mirror the staircase so that they will be facing each other. Go to Actor Properties > Transform > Mirror About X. Place the staircases with a gap between them so you can place a platform on top. We will be able to walk across this.

Aligning the staircases and the platform takes a little time and some attention to detail. I'm using the same width for the platform as the staircase but will make the height only 20 and the breadth 768.

Move the platform into place. You want it to be flush with the top of the staircase.

Go into the Properties to make some fine tuning adjustments. My Z axis is -138. Top of my platform is flush with the top of the staircase. The TOP window also shows that the breadth and width are flush with the staircase too. This creates a smooth join. Fine tune the positioning and size of the platform box until everything is perfect. Although the texture makes it hard for us to work in the 3D window, the Side, Top, and Front windows really make the job easy.

And there we are finished. Not that we can see it in this view.

Let's switch to the Perspective window and get a wire frame view. You can see the highlighted blue box on the top of the image. This is the Perspective display icon. Click on it.

Almost finished. Let's add an Add Player Start Here, apply our ambient lighting. (I went to the maximum this time) and Build All. The map is now complete.

3. Play the map. More running around shooting randomly and throwing grenades. BUT this time, in a new room with stairs. mmmmmm :)

Adding Ramp to Upper Level
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