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Adding Ramp to Upper Level

By: arramus
Expanding My First Map
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Adding Stairs and Platform
Let's move on to adding an upper level room connected to the lower rooms by a ramp. We shall now:
1. Make a ramp by selecting and moving vertices

2. Play the map
1. Open your 'My First Map' and make another cube just like you made the first and second one.

Right click on the cube and the CubeBuilder will appear. Change the width and breadth to 512 and click Build and then Close.

Locate the box on the 'Top' part of the main screen and click on it to make it bright red. It is now selected. Click the left mouse button on the new box and hold. Now hold the 'Ctrl' button and drag the box into alignment with the original box as you see in the picture below.

While moving the box you may find that it loses its position in relation to the grid. This happens sometimes through no fault of your own.

If you leave the box like this and overlap into another cube and subtract then you may find tearing occurs. When you run a map with tearing may see a space in the overlapped box that allows you to see into space. You do not want this as it ruins the map. There are two ways to deal with this. Here's the first. In this situation double click on the red line to open Brush Properties. Maximize Movement and Location and edit the X, Y, or Z figure to bring the box into the position you want. I edit the X location from 2 to 0. As you can see on the image behind the Brush Properties box the box is sitting flush to the line.

Go to the side view (or whichever view gives you the best view of the boxes separated with a gap).

Now drag the box up. The red box is our upper level room.

The red box is our upper level room.

Texture the room as before.

Let's make a ramp to join the upper level room to the lower level room. Right click on the cube and the CubeBuilder will appear. Change the width and breadth to 256 and click Build and then Close.

Drag the box (ramp) between the new room and the old rooms.

Now select vertex edit from the tools toolbar.

Select the RED box (ramp) and while holding 'Ctrl' click on the two top vertices as shown below.

Move your cursor over to the side view, hold 'Ctrl', and drag down so that the two vertices touch the lower room. The vertices must be flush with the line. Don't let them overlap. that they don't cross into the bottom room like below. Make sure the box is highlighted bright RED.

The box has become a ramp. :) Subtract the ramp and apply and align textures. You need to use the Pan/Rot/Scale tool to rotate the wall textures at a 45 degree angle and you may also need to change the texture scale to enable the textures to blend nicely from the bottom level to the top level room. You may even have to alter the top level room textures. Use the bottom room as the model and work your way up. (There just isn't an interior designer around when you most need one). If you need to place a texture at an angle different from what's available in the Pan/Rot/Scale tool then you can use the Texture Rotate tool on the left menu. This tool allows you to manually rotate textures.

If your boxes are overlapping here's the second way to fix it. Go to the Drag Grid Size tool on the bottom of the editor and set to 1 as in the picture. When you move boxes they can be moved one grid at a time.

Not too bad now.

2. Play the map. More running around shooting randomly and throwing grenades. BUT this time, in three rooms and with a ramp. :)
NOTE: Your Commando will be able go up the ramp without any difficulty but when coming down you will need to crouch. When you start building your own maps remember that height is as much of an important factor as width and breadth. The Republic Commandos must stand taller than the Unreal Touament characters so give that some thought if you are leaing from Unreal Touament tutorials.256 on a ramp is not a sufficient height for the Republic Commandos unless you want them to crouch. In this case I did so that you'll never forget this part of the tutorial. :)

Have fun!
Expanding My First Map
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Adding Stairs and Platform
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