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By: Sandcrawler
Movers, Triggers, and Usuable Doors
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Its time to put some real lights in your map, this can give your map alot more character. So now we will:
1. Add and configure a Light
2. Add and configure a Corona
3. Add and Configure a Sunlight
4. Play the Map

1. Before we work on our lights any lets first tu the Ambient Lighting that we have down. Go to View > Level Properties, and open the ZoneLight menu. I set mine to 20:

You will need to build > Rebuild Lighting (or Build All) to see the changes you made. If you still don't see any changes check for a ZoneInfo and make sure the ZoneLight wasn't set there as well. Now that out map is darker lets add some lights to it, open the Actor Browser, and select the Light Actor:

Now in the 3D viewport go to the location you'd like to light and right click > Add Light Here. Now lets configure our light. I am lighting in the trench and I want it to be a redish color, but not overly saturated. Go ahead and right click on the light and open the properties menu, now open the LightColor section:

While you are in the LightColor menu you will see a Pick, and a Color button at the top, Pick will let you select the color from the map, where color will allow you to use a Hex Color, or select the color from a diagram. I am going to Pick my color from the map, just push the button and your mouse pointer will be temporarly replace by an eyedropper, now click on the color you want and that is that.

You'll have noticed that I also opened the Lighting menu, I don't want to change anything in there for this map, but this is where you would make blinking lights (LightType), or change the size or the light casted (LightRadius) as well as a few other things that I will leave you to play with.

2. Now lets add a Corona, a corona is more of less a brightspot, they use them all over in the official maps. Adding one is straightforward, so lets get started. First you need a Corona Texture, I tried the Corona texture in Lab first, but they didn't work so I ended up opening lag, and getting the Corona2 Texture from the mylevel package. The Example map also uses this Corona. If you find it easier to import the texture you can download it here. Now you need to place a Light actor just like the last one, except we are going to configure this one. Usually your light, and the Corona are kept separate and that is what I'm going to show you. Open the Properties menu for the light you want to tu into a corona. First open the Display menu, and go to the Skin section, click on new and then set the skin to the Corona texture you have.

Next lets configure the remaining five sections that pertain to Corona's. First in the Corona menu, you have MaxCoronaSize, and MinCoronaSize, these do just what the sound like, I didn't want to have a huge Corona for my little room, so I set the max to 50, I also didn't want the Corona to disappear when you are under it, so I set the min to 5. Next we go into the LightColor, you should set the LightBrightness to 0, and the LightHue to the color of your light. Finally we go into the Lighting menu and set bCorona to True.

Thats what a Corona is, and how to use one, you may need to Build All before you can see the effects.

3. Now lets add a Sunlight Actor, In Killing Floor you may not have much of a use for Sunlight, but I'll show you how anyways. The Sunlight actor is found under the Light menu, Now right click to place it in your map, usually up in the coer to cast hard shadows. Now hold control while in the Top viewport to swivel the directional arrow to point in the direction you want:

Now you need to point it down some, change to the Front view, and select the sunlight actor now hold control and aim it down at an angle like so:

The last thing you need to do to, let there be light, is rebuild the Lighting. Now you should see the sunlight in your preview:

4. Now lets play the map with the lighting:

You can see our Corona, and the sunlight outside the door, Lighting is alot of visual playing and small changes, luckily for us the Editor renders the lighting just like you would see in game (As long as you Rebuild it) so what you see is what you get.

Movers, Triggers, and Usuable Doors
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