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Making Droid Despensers Destroyable

By: {RCU}HM.Will
Changing Pawn's Weapons at Map Properties Level
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Rain Visor Tutorial
This is really a run on an Arramus’ tutorial.
First, open your battle droid dispenser map.

Now, we will need someone to blow it up. Let’s add a commando. Go to actor classes, Pawn, Republic, CloneCommando, and pick a commando of your choice. I chose Commando07Delta.

Now add him to the map.

Now we will need to add a demolition charge to the map. Go to actor classes, Activate Item, Explosive Charge, and Demolition charge.

Place the Charge on the dispenser.

Now we’ll add the Squad Marker. Go to Actor Classes, Marker Icon Actor, Squad Marker, CT Marker, Marker Demolition native, and Marker Demolition.

Place it so the hands are touching the charge.

Now here comes the complex stuff. Bring up the actor properties for the dispenser. Go to collision advanced and set block karma to false.

Now go to Droid Dispenser, Damage info, Transition Event and type dispenser Dead. Do the same for shutdown info.

Now go to marker and squad marker. Add the Marker demolition to it. (Click on the marker demolition and then click USE).

Now build all. DO NOT DELETE THE NAVIGATION POINT THAT COMES UP. YOU WILL NEED IT. Go to the actor properties of charge. Go to explosive charge, Charge Explode and set the damage to 10,000 and the event to DestroyDispensier.

Now go to marker and do the same as above. Then build all.

Now go to the actor properties of the Marker Demolition. Go to marker, actor and anchor and use the demolition charge for both of them.

Now start the map.

Changing Pawn's Weapons at Map Properties Level
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Rain Visor Tutorial
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