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Changing Pawn's Weapons at Map Properties Level

By: arramus
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It's possible to change a Pawn's default weapon set by manually editing its equiptment list.

1. Open your map, add a Pawn and go to Properties > Pawn > RequiredEquipment. Expand the list and you'll see a list of weapons they are supplied with.
2.Change or add an additional weapon type to one you prefer, e.g.

a Trandoshan Mercenary is supplied with an SMG which is called CTInventory.SMG and thermal detonators called CTInventory.ThermalDetonatorEnemy.

If you change the SMG listing to CTInventory.DroneSpit then he'll throw Acid at you.

A few more examples of weapons are:

Trando Weapons:

Republic Weapons:
CTInventory.DC17mSniper or Properties.DC17mSniperCommando

To find the name of weapons to add to the RequiredEquipment.

1. Add any weapon to your map.
2. Look under Properties > Pickup > InventoryType
3. Move down the drop down menu and find a weapon you like.
4. Copy the Class name to your Pawn's RequiredEquipment area. If you want a BowCaster then the Class name is Class'CTInventory.Bowcaster' All you need to add to the RequiredEquipment area is CTInventory.Bowcaster
5. Build All, Save and test it out.

There are a number of duplicate weapons for SP and MP which may come with different ammo loads. Find which are suitable for your map.

Yoda has a Conc but he's not scripted for game play and is happy to just stand on guard.

Clone just wants to throw acid at you.

Bot is the best though with his Rocket Launcher.

Sequential Spawning Tutorial
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Making Droid Despensers Destroyable
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