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By: Sandcrawler
Low Gravity and Friction
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We will now:
1. We will optimize a map
2. Discuss the importants of optimizing a map.


3. Play the map
1. So here we are to optimize a map, I got mine, do you have yours? If not you can Download the unoptimized version of mine Here.

So we have our maps now. Shall we get started. My map looks like this as of now.

You can't see if from here, but there are tons and tons of overlapping boxes that have been subtracted from the map. So lets get started. Choose a location and start fixing you map. Sometimes you will have to move boxes aside to see the other ones.
So you found a place were they overlap, now what? Firstly clear out what you need to so you have two boxes that you can strech into place.

Now go into the Vertex Editing Mode and strech the two boxes untill they connect right. To make texture easyer later on you can make the coers into angles so you have less diffrent textures to align.

When you are done you should be able to0 look at that same coer and see a diffrence in the textures.

Sometimes the changes are very little and you have to really look to see a diffrence, but were it amkes a diffrence is in the loading and play of your map.

Now do the same for the rest of your map. When you are doing this you may find rooms and parts of your map that you dont want, now is a good time to remove them. I removed a whol section of my map. My map now looks like

This is just one of the many things that can happen if there is to much overlapping.

Now that you got all of the overlapping fixed you think your done optimizing the map dont you? Well your Wrong. You still need to do Zoning. Zoning is alot more useful then death zones or Doing diffrent ambiant lighting for each map. It makes your entire map load faster. If you dont know how to do zoning then you should read the zoning tutorial Here

You are probably Wondering what you should zone off, the awnser is every little room no matter the size. What you dont need to zone off is each floor and ceilign cut out, and small things like that...you can and it dosen't hurt anything, but I can't say it improves anything eather.
My finished product is:

Thats it, Build All and Save.

2. So what was the point of Fixing the overlapping and doing the Zoning?
Well, Fixing the overlapping gets rid of any tearing in the brushwork and get read of alot of errors in the map. and Zoning improves load times greatly on maps. This should be done to every map, and in order for a map to be put in Bactaweek it will now be required on all new maps for Bactaweek. This also makes big maps like Gladiator possible and be playable.

3. Build All and Save the map, Now go and play the map and see if you can tell a diffrence.

Low Gravity and Friction
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