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Low Gravity and Friction

By: arramus
Adding Terrain Basics
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This tutorial is dedicated to Calamari. Hope it's what you wanted. We will now:
1. Add a Physics Volume
2. Adjust the Physics Volume Properties for gravity.
3. Adjust the Physics Volume Properties for ground friction.


4. Play the map
1. Open Unreal Editor and make 3 boxes. Two are Height 1024 x Width 1024 x Breadth 1024. They are joined together by another box measuring Height 512 x Width 1024 x Breadth 1024 as the picture below.

Add a spawn point in one of the larger boxes, a weapon in the middle dividing box and give the level some light. Let's do a Build All and save. I'll save mine as bouncy.

Now we are going to add a physics volume to each of these boxes. A physics volume allows us to change the physics of the area it covers. One of the things we can change is gravity. Make another box measuring Height 1024 x Width 1024 x Breadth 1024 but instead of subtract it we will click on the physics volume icon.

And bring up the physics volume menu. Select PhysicsVolume and click.

Move the red building cube somewhere else and you'll find a pink Physics Volume box. If you hadn't moved the red box it should be perfectly lined up with the box undeeath.

Now make Physics Volume boxes for the other boxes.

Well done. Now Build All and save. If you enter your map now nothing will be different. Let's move on to editing the Properties of the Physics Volumes and give this map some bounce.

2. I shall double click on the Physics Volume box with the red light. This brings up the Physics Volume box Properties. Got to PhysicsVolume > Gravity. The default settings are X = 0 Y = 0 Z = -1100. It is the Z axis for up and down that we shall be changing.

Let's change the Z figure to -500.

Do the same for the box with the blue light. For the dividing box let's use a figure of -800. Now Build All and save. Let's test the map.

Well, there's certainly more spring in the room but not enough to be able to jump up onto the dividing room.

Let's change the Physics Volume Properties again. Give the red box and blue box room a Z value of 200. Give the dividing room a value of 300. Let's Build All, save and test the map again.

It worked. We can jump just high enough to get into the dividing room and pick up our weapon :)

3. Did you notice that when you are moving around in each room it's pretty slippery. After you release the forward key you still slide. Let's stop from sliding in the red box room but increase the sliding in the blue box room. Open the Properties window for the red box room and go to PhysicsVolume > GroundFriction and change it to 20. In the dividing room leave it as it is. The default is 8. In the blue box room change GroundFriction to 2. Build All, save and test your map.

Did you notice that the red room has more friction and is a lot less slippery than the dividing room. How about that blue room? It's like an ice-rink in there...

Now that you know how to change the gravity and friction of a Physics Volume try experimenting. It's a lot of fun as we all know when playing Arena 17.

4. After you're happy with your creation remember all of the things you have leaed in the past tutorials. Have you fixed overlapping boxes? Did you change the Level Properties? Once you're sure everything is right....

4. Play the map

Adding Terrain Basics
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