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Expanding your Textures

By: arramus
Advanced (Terrain - Textures - Decolayers - Visibility - Lighting)
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Adding Collision To Static Meshes
How To Get New Packages
The first part of this tutorial is kindly provided by Dark Trooper. It has been added in its original form. Thanks for taking the time to find these great textures for the RC community.
1.Go to the Unreal Website and download the example maps from this link:

2.When there, scroll down until you come to the example maps. Open them in a separate window so you don�t have to keep back paging.

3. At the bottom of the tutorial, are downloads, set as zip files. Right click them and save them to a special folder on your desktop. Mine is titled Unreal.

Once you have all of them, open your unzip them to the same folder. After they�re all open, go to your RC files and open the game data file.

Open both files to their textures folders. Select all from the Unreal, copy and paste into the RC Textures.

Now open your RC Unreal editor, go to the textures files, and open one of the new packages.

7. Then you�ll see the new textures in your browser. Apply it to your map and build n save.

Open the map in the game and enjoy.
Importing Textures from Unreal Touament

If you have or can obtain a copy of one of the Unreal Touament games you will find enough textures in there to last a lifetime. It is absolutely packed with texture files just waiting to be imported to Republic Commando. Although the texture files for both games have the same .utx extensions they are not compatible and will your the Republic Commando Unreal Editor to crash if you try to open them without first importing. It's a long process to look at all of the textures in the Unreal Touament Editor and find ones suitable for Republic Commando but it's a task well worth doing as it opens your mapping up to a whole new level.

Start the Unreal Touament Editor.
Open textures and click on one you like. Go to file > Export (or right click on it and export) and it will save as either a .dds file or .bmp file. Either can be imported into the Republic Commando Editor.

You can then import them into Republic Commando. I put them into Mylevel. Wait till Pyrotecnix sees what I'm doing to his map. lol

Advanced (Terrain - Textures - Decolayers - Visibility - Lighting)
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Adding Collision To Static Meshes
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