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CTF Game Modes

By: arramus
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Adding Terrain Basics
We will now:
1. Add CTF Bases for the red flag team (Trandoshians) and the blue flag team (Republic Commandos).
2. Add CTF Actors.
3. Set the Level Properties for Dedicated Servers.


4. Play the map
1. For this tutorial I shall be converting DM_Kaminopix. This is the lighter version of DM_Kamino that can be played with low end graphics. :)

This map is designed for the 32 man server and has 32 spawn points. 16 are outside the central dome and are assigned as Team Number 1 (Trandoshians). The remaining 16 are located in and around the dome and are assigned as Team Number 0 (Republic Commandos).

I select two areas where I want the read flag (Trandoshians) and blue flag (Republic Commando) bases to be located. They will be in areas that offer the attacking team a challenge to reach but not so difficult that it's impossible to capture and retu. To make sure it's not too difficult to capture the flag I also spread out the spawn points a little so the defending team is not constantly respawning in a very defensive location. Let's add the colour coded base static meshes first. Go to Static meshes > Multiplayer_GM > Flags. You will see 3 items listed; the blue flag base, the blue flag disc and the red flag base. We just need the bases. Select the blue flag base (Republic Commando) and we'll head inside the dome area. I place it in an area that is at the back of the dome.

Now I will head back outside and do the same with the red base (Trandoshians).

There are numerous routes to take to travel to each base and they are not straight and direct which will make for good gameplay. Here I have blown up the static meshes to give you an idea of where they are in relation to each other.

2. Now let's add the CTF Base Actors that will appear as the 'Flag' discs in the game. Go to Actor > NavigationPoint > GameObjective > *CTFBase and select.

Place a *CTFBase actor in the dome area on the blue base for the Republic Commandos to defend.

The Republic Commandos are defending this flag base. They are the blue team and are assigned as Team Number 0. We now have to edit the flag actor properties so that the blue flag will appear here when the game starts. Open the properties menu for this flag actor and go to GameObjective > DefenderTeamIndex. The default is 255. Change this to 0 to represent the Republic Commandos as the defending team.
Now do the same for the red flag base but change the DefenderTeamIndex to 1. This matches the Trandoshians Team Number and will set the flag as red in the game.

3. We will now set the Level Properties so that this map can be played on a dedicated server. Open the level properties and go to LevelInfo. In the PreCacheGame area type MPGame.ASGame
Among other things, this tells the dedicated server that the map is a CTF type map. It's very important you do this or no one will be able to enter. It'll still work on a LAN or client host without this information but not on a dedicated server.

And that's it. It's as easy as that. I do a Build All now and save it as CTF_Kaminopix and it's ready for the 32 man server. Woot.

Did your *CTFBase objects disappear after you did a Build All?
Open the texture browser and click on the Groups menu running along the top of the toolbar. Click the CTF_Flags tab and the flags will appear.

4. Play the map.

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Adding Terrain Basics
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