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Respawning AI in Multiplayer

By: arramus
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We will now:
1. Add a BattleDroid Dispenser
2. Add SpawnPoints
3. Configure BattleDroid Dispenser and SpawnPoint Settings


4. Play the map
5. Extra tutorial from duaryn15 (Spawning AI with a trigger button)
1. This part of the tutorial is not fully comprehensive yet as there are still a lot of respawn issues to resolve. However, if you follow this tutorial you'll have spawning AI. If you tweak the settings even further then you'll have it set to your own specifications.

OK. Open any of your maps and add a BattleDroid Dispenser. Go to Actor > Factory > Droid Dispenser > *BDDispenser and then place it on your map.

2. Now we can add the SpawnPoints. This BattleDroid Dispenser has 3 droid outlets. Two that we can see and one hiding at the back. To make sure that Droids will spawn from each one we can place 3 SpawnPoints on the map. I placed mine close to the dispenser for convenience.

3. That's the easy bit done. Now comes the configuration. There are a number of things to change and I expect a few more that I've neglected. Anyway let's go with what we have for starters. First of all we go to the BattleDroid Dispenser properties. Maximise the Droid Dispenser menu and change NumInitDroids (This is the number of droids that will be instantly created when the Battledroid Dipsenser begins its first manufacture). I set mine to 6. The WarmUpTime can also be changed. This sets how long after the map loads the factory becomes operational. I left mine at the default of 1.

Now we can move onto the Factory settings. I set SpawnInterval at 6. This sets up how frequently a droid is manufactured and appears on the map.

This is followed by setting the number of droids that can be on the map at any one time. I want their to be a maximum of 12 droids on the map. I set both MaxAlive and MaxinWorld to 12. I think that's plenty to be going with.

Now comes linking the SpawnPoints to the BattleDroid Dispenser. Go to the {Hidden} menu and maximise. Go to SpawnPoints. We want to connect the three SpawnPoints with the BattleDroid Dispenser. This tells the map what these SpawnPoints are for. First click any one of the three SpawnPoints in the map on the 3D window so it highlights then go to {Hidden} > and click on SpawnPoints and you will see Add appear. Click Add and then Use. The name of the SpawnPoint will appear in the little text window. Do this for all SpawnPoints.

The last and most important thing to do in the BattleDroid Dispenser properties is to tu the BattleDroid Dispenser on! :) In the {Hidden} menu set bBeginDispense to True.

I also went to the properties menu for each SpawnPoint and set the InitialSpeed to 6.

Whew. A lot to do just to have spawning AI but it's well worth it. There are numerous other tweaks you can make to the settings (especially if you don't want the Droids to attack each other - lol) Good luck in finding further tweaks. If you do then please post about it on the sandcrawler.net forums or send me an email. Let's make sure we keep these tutorials comprehensive and in the public domain.

4. Now Build All and play your map.

This tutorial is from a modder who took this tutorial further and added their own variety of movers. You can see this in action by downloading duaryn15's map 'Clone Wars 1.2'.
Spawning AI with a trigger button
By duaryn15

5. To spawn AI in multiplayer with a button you first have to have a map to try this on. Just make a box to start with, configure the level so you can play it and then open the Actor browser and under factory you will find pawnfactory. Insert it into your map then go find Trigger under Triggers , insert it (recommend you add a static mesh as a button), configure the pawnfactory like arramus describes in the Tutorial. Under prototype you can change what will be spawned (DONT FORGET TO ADD SPAWN POINTS !!)

Now go to the triggers properties and under Events set the Event to the Tag of the factory (pawnfactory is the default name so unless you changed the Tag of the factory this will work.) set bTirggerOnceOnly to false and the tiggertype to TT_Use.

Now build all and play. If you press your "USE" key right at the spot where the trigger is (put it at ground level) the factory should start spawning. Do  it again to stop the spawning.

That's it! Hope this helps us all.
(It certainly does - Nice tutorial duaryn15 - arramus)
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