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Author: Sandcrawler
Status: Complete
Version: 1.1
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Author: Sandcrawler
Email: sandcrawler@sandcrawler.net
Website: sandcrawler.net

Thank you for downloading Slam. With this map I wanted to force all players to a certain central area of the map, I decided to go with a canyon, there are no bridges to cross this canyon, but there are stairs to the bottom of the map, where you can then cross to the other side. There are three sets of stairs on each side, you could destroy two and defend one, or defend all tree, or you could defend them down at the bottom as well. I wanted to make all of the players cross the central area, rather than allow for bottom of the map diggers that will rarely be seen again.

Unzip the contents of the vxl folder, into your own vxl folder.

Release Log

Beta 2 (8-19-2011)
A few changes made to the colors, and the block placement on the surface of the map. There is now more variation on the top surface.

Beta 1 (8-9-2011)
Initial release, a canyon map with three staircases on each side, and a base building in the back. As well as a few cactus.
Screen Shots:

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