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*Fixed* Camotrooper Mod
Author: Dark Lord
Status: Work In Progress
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Dicussion: Dicussion Topic
Download Link: Download Now (753 downloads)
Republic team is now clone troopers with 5 skins - jungle, snow, and desert camo, "royal guard" (red trooper), and "black hole" (black trooper with white markings)
Rep spawns with "E-11" rifle
Trando team spawns with droid blaster, and the infiltrator skin has been replaced by the concussion rifle skin (blue trando)
sniper now has longer range, less kick, fires more rapidly, and holds 30 rounds
DC-17 acts like the SP version in ammo capacity, and has the zoom ability
the trando SMG holds 20 more rounds in a magazine than a DC-17, but is less accurate
sonic grenades are replaced with plasma grenades

video of the mod by frazscotland:
Screen Shots:
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