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Author: arramus
Status: Complete
Version: FINAL
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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KF_MosEisleyScum - 20th of March 2010

As the name suggests, KF-MosEisleyNightXS is themed on Mos Eisley from Star Wars. In this version however, Mos Eisley has become riddled with 'Galactic Zombies' who have chomped their way through the local population. Your job is to clean up this wretched hive of scum and villainy and restore order to the galaxy.

KF-MosEisleyScum features:

4 Trader 'Outposts' (3 on the perimeter and one in the middle).

14 Pickups for both weapons and ammo.

Multiple Zombie Spawners both in the playable battle field and outside the perimeter wall. The outside spawners have Jump
Pads so the Zombies make a 'dramatic' entrance.

2 Spacecraft Repair Bays with lockable doors and 1 spacecraft in for repairs.

1 Bar with lockable doors.

Different default music tracks for 10 seperate waves and 3 different music tracks for trader room activity.

A large battle area with open and closed zones.

Contoured sandy terrain.


Place KF-MosEisleyScum.rom in your server map folder.
Place the compressed KF-MosEisleyScum.rom.uz2 in your redirect.

Add KF-MosEisleyScum to your server map rotation through the KillingFloor.ini or Web Based Interface.

Shout Outs

I would like to thank the following Tripwire forum users (in order of posting) << Stixsmaster, Jaek, [5.SS]Pzgr.Zay, Cablespider, Sandcrawler, Feelgood66, FeuerSturm, shah3211, Dr.Stinglock, Extreme_One, Nanostrike, HaloSix4, gusone, TurkeySub, Celcy, Helion, Iva Bin Drinkun >> for feedback in the forums and ingame beta testing.

Thank you especially to JubalHarshaw for hosting and exploit testing.

Be fair, friendly, and have fun.
See you in the servers.



Have fun ToNiO. You asked for it :)
Screen Shots:

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