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Author: arramus
Status: Complete
Version: FINAL
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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KF_Brewery - 30th of July 2009

KF-Brewery is set in an abandoned brewery that is being kept somewhat operational by squatters. Reports of a growing number of residents disappearing from the brewery have led your team to be called in to clean up. If it moves, waste it!

KF-Brewery features:

4 Traders.

14 Pickups for both weapons and ammo.

Multiple Zombie Spawners in the playable battle field and outside the playable area (roof and window entry).

Multiple zones representing different areas of a brewery.

Lockable doors throughout.

Different default music tracks for 10 seperate waves and 3 different music tracks for trader room activity.

A mixture of linear and non linear gameplay zones.

Custom texture posters.

Ambient background sounds.


Place KF-Brewery.rom in your server map folder.
Place the compressed KF-Brewery.rom.uz2 in your redirect.

Add KF-Brewery to your server map rotation through the KillingFloor.ini or Web Based Interface.

Shout Outs

I would like to thank the following Tripwire forum users (in order of posting) << Gregs2k2, Sandcrawler, FeuerSturm, Basic_Infantry, PsYchOTicA, Maksimus, driftwood, Sidus Preclarum, emigrant, knightmare106, remi, Slappy Cromwell, Ricky(SCO) >> for feedback in the forums and ingame beta testing. Your bug and suggestion posts have made the map smoother, look much better, and be as free of exploits as is currently possible.

Thank you especially to JubalHarshaw for hosting and very intensive testing. You found the unfindable. :)

Be fair, friendly, and have fun.
See you in the servers.

Screen Shots:

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