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KF-CarryOnUp / Smog
Author: arramus
Status: Complete
Version: FINAL
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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KF_CarryOnUp and KF-CarryOnUpSmog - 2nd of October 2009

This map pack consists of 2 maps -- KF-CarryOnUp and KF-CarryOnUpSmog --

KF-CarryOnUp is a night setting and KF-CarryOnUpSmog is an early smoggy morning setting which has been optimised for lower end systems.

Multiple savage maulings in Central London have led your squad to a building construction site that appears to be the origin of the attacks. Hardened construction workers have been seen running away from the area bearing witness to 'giant vermin built like a brick shit house'. Cordon off the site and contain any possible outbreak.

KF_CarryOnUp(Smog) features:
9 Traders.

8 Floors.

16 Pickups for both weapons and ammo.

Multiple Zombie Spawners both in the playable area and outside the perimeter wall. The outside spawners are configured for a 'dramatic' entrance.

Multiple floors with transitional changes for multi level gaming.

Open and closed battle zones.

Custom signs/textures.

Implemented to fully support default Killing Floor gametype with standard gameplay functionality.

Ambient background sound and rotating gameplay music per wave.

Context based lighting and effects.

Considered optimisation for performance.

Intensive beta playtesting to ensure a solid final version.

Shout Outs
Thanks to -- Iva Bin Drinkun, Helion, and the server regulars for intensive play testing and feedback.

Thanks to the following Tripwire forum users (in somewhat posting order) for some great advice and feedback -- Ricky(SCO), DrGuppy, Boxxxed, Polygon, Alex_KF, driftwood, Maul, Britney_Federline, Dragonfel666, gusone, Gregs2K2, Maksimus, Tizewize, avp2501, dextronaut, THEDDLE, SgtHermann (thx), Fel.

Thanks to snipe34 for the 'Rusted Brace' static mesh which doubles nicely as a road speed ramp.

A big shout to my work buddy Jon for kindly providing some of the graffiti and giving me permission to use it. Your pieces have been tagged inside the map.

Thanks to THEDDLE for playtesting and keeping the current beta version updated on his server during the testing process. Your servers are an invaluable asset to mappers and the community.

A big group hug for all community designers, gamers, and fan sites (sandcrawler.net | killingfloormods.com | defencealliance.com amongst others) who keep Killing Floor alive and exciting.

And of course to Tripwire Interactive staff and associates for providing regular updates, support, and a kick arse game.

Place KF_CarryOnUp(Smog).rom in your server map folder.
Place the compressed KF_CarryOnUp(Smog).rom.uz2 in your redirect.

Add KF_CarryOnUp(Smog) to your server map rotation through the KillingFloor.ini or Web Based Interface.

Be fair, friendly, and have fun.
See you in the servers.

Screen Shots:

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