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We try out best to keep malware, viruses, spyware, and other infectious software off our website. But one or more of our users may not have the same high hated for infectious software. We only offer a way for users to host thier files, and have no furter involvment with it. By downloading this file you agree that:
1. In any case you will not blame the Sandcrawler Network for infecting your computer.
2. In the case of an infectious file, that get onto your system you relize that it is your fault, after all you have been warned.

Now, do you agree or not?
I agree I disagree

This is just an attempt to cover any possible problems that come with a free file hosting service, I have yet to hear of an infectious file that we host. If you do find one I'm sorry, report it and I will remove it right away.
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