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Capture the Flag/Assult

Map NameMapperDownloadsStatusRatingVersion
ctf_housesplice14Complete0 (0 votes)1.2
ctf_simplesplice17Complete0 (0 votes)1.0
Base DefenseInfiniti22In Progress5 (1 votes)1.2
Houselegacy40Complete0 (0 votes)1.1
House(original)legacy51Complete0 (0 votes)1.1
ctf_USAsplice367Complete0 (0 votes)1.2
ctf_basedefenseInfiniti378In Progress5 (1 votes)1.2
Anitgravitylegacy384Complete0 (0 votes)1.2
Simplexityblankbullets395Complete0 (0 votes)1.2
Ctf ghostshipsplice408Complete0 (0 votes)1.0
Ghost Shiplegacy418Complete0 (0 votes)1.1
VerticalDagger452Complete4 (1 votes)
CatwalksSandcrawler494Complete4 (1 votes)
Gratearramus500Complete4 (1 votes)
Broken BowDagger504Complete5 (1 votes)
Garrison Litearramus507Complete0 (0 votes)
Snow SiegeDagger509Complete5 (1 votes)
Wizardarramus530Complete4 (1 votes)
BaseSandcrawler539Complete4 (1 votes)
Deep MineSulfied Shrike572Complete0 (0 votes)
Tomb of Lord ExcellionDagger575Complete0 (0 votes)
Gulcharramus595Complete4 (1 votes)
Wookarramus609Complete0 (0 votes)
Green AAarramus641Complete3 (1 votes)
Hangar XSarramus744Complete5 (1 votes)
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